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History of Kings’ Island Golf Resort

Kings Island Golf Resort has 55 holes including the Lakeside, MountainView, and Kings courses, which are situated on 350 hectares of land and 1500 hectares of waterfront, very familiar and well-known among golfers, with an interesting history of 30 years of operation and development.

Legend of Tản Viên Mountain

Long, long ago in a small hamlet near a forest lived a poor wood-cutter, so poor that although he was now approaching his thirties, he still could not have a wife. Though he worked very hard from dawn to dusk he had to live from hand to mouth and go hungry on rainy days. Notwithstanding all his hardships and sufferings he never complained of his lot.

Legend of Son Tinh (Mountain Spirit) and Thuy Tinh (Sea Spirit)

Once upon a time, Emperor Hung Vuong the Eighteenth had a beautiful daughter, Princess Mi Nuong. Her beauty was so renowned that many suitors from foreign lands came to ask the Emperor for her hand. However, the Emperor did not believe that any one of them was good enough for his beautiful daughter. He wanted Mi Nuong to marry someone really distinguished and powerful. Her mother, the Empress was very much concerned for Mi Nuong's future. The Empress looked at her daughter saying: "It is time you should get married, my darling. I hope your father will find a suitable man for you".

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